Kamala Harris Makes BIG Power Move… She Thinks This Will Save Her

(FiveNation.com)- According to the Washington Post, in an effort to boost Kamala Harris flagging popularity and ensure her position as Joe Biden’s “heir apparent,” the White House has added two new staffers to the Vice President’s team to tackle “strategic communications.”

These veteran communication aides the Veep has brought on board are Lorraine Voles, someone who claims to be an expert in “crisis communications,” and former Obama speechwriter (and brother-in-law to Jen Psaki) Adam Frankel.

Voles and Frankel are charged with improving Kamala’s messaging and long-term planning “amid a sense of anxiety” growing among Democrats over Kamala’s horrible nine months as VP.

Unless Lorraine Voles was bit by a radioactive spider that makes her a super-strength “crisis communicator,” her mission to make Kamala likeable is doomed to fail.

Kamala is often her own worst enemy. And while her approval rating, unlike her boss, is slowly ticking up, that might have more to do with the fact that Kamala has been lying low over the last several weeks.

Much like Hillary Clinton, the more visible Kamala is, the lower her approval numbers go.

But they have to do something. The Democrats want Kamala Harris to be their secret weapon during the Midterm elections – sending her out to campaign for vulnerable incumbent Democrats in swing districts.

But how likely a success could that possibly be? Kamala’s presidential campaign was so badly managed and Harris was such a terrible candidate, she had to drop out two months before the Iowa caucus.

And when Kamala does venture out in public, she inevitably does or says something that blows up in her face like a trick cigar.

Case in point, this week Kamala went to Virginia’s George Mason University to promote National Voter Registration Day. And during a Q&A with students, Kamala stood there nodding like a dope while one student accused Israel of committing ethnic genocide.

Rather than dispute the vile accusation, Kamala simply told the girl that her truth cannot be suppressed.

The backlash was near-instantaneous, and Kamala’s new “crisis communications” team had to scramble into action to put out the fire. They put in phone calls to the Anti-Defamation League, the Democratic Majority for Israel, and Democrat Congressman Ted Deutch – who heads up the Bipartisan Anti-Semitism Taskforce in Congress – to assure them all that, despite nodding along, Kamala doesn’t think Israel commits ethnic genocide and she remains committed to Israel’s security.

No wonder Virginia Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe refused to meet with Kamala when she was in town.

This woman is electoral Kryptonite.