Kamala Harris Is Meeting With Mexico’s President To Talk About Rising COVID Rates

(FiveNation.com)- After completely failing in her role to tackle the border crisis, Vice President Kamala Harris is coming out of hiding and embarking on a new challenge…bringing down the number of COVID-19 cases in the United States and Mexico.

Just like she did during her last mission, Harris will be jetting off to South America where she will meet with President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador of Mexico to discuss their ongoing efforts to distribute COVID-19 vaccines.

It comes as the Delta variant sweeps across the United States, causing “breakout” causes whereby vaccinated people become infected with the virus, and the Centers for Disease Control tells Americans to once again start wearing masks in public.

On Sunday, the Mexican president said that he plans to meet with the vice president to discuss a “joint agenda of collaboration.”

A report from Reuters also suggested that the United States may be preparing to donate even more doses of the vaccine to Mexico. It’s a convenient move as it would allow Mexico to increase the number of people vaccinated in their own country, which may help reduce the number of unvaccinated Mexicans jumping the border into the United States.

Some border patrol facilities reported this month that up to 40% of the illegal aliens pouring over the border are infected with COVID-19.

As the United States federal government struggles to convince enough Americans to take the vaccine, distributing aging doses to Mexico could also help stop those doses from going to waste.

In his speech, President Lopez Obrador said that there are “commitments for us to have more vaccines, provided by the United States.”

What a deal, huh? The United States provides the expensive vaccines, and Mexico provides the illegal aliens.

And while Kamala spends yet more time jetting off to hot countries in the south, the southern border of the United States is still unsecured with hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens pouring over the border every single month.