Kamala Harris Incident Under Investigation

(FiveNation.com)- Vice President Kamala Harris has been traveling in Asia as part of a foreign relations campaign recently, but her trip has been stalled because of incidents that could be Havana Syndrome.

Harris was supposed to travel from Singapore to Vietnam this week, but that’s been delayed as U.S. officials are investigating two potential cases of Havana Syndrome.

On Tuesday, Harris’ planned trip to Vietnam was halted while officials began their investigation. A few hours later, they gave the all-clear for the vice president to continue her trip.

Havana Syndrome is a name that’s been given to health incidents that are mysterious and not specifically determined. They were first discovered by diplomats from the U.S. and other employees of the government who experienced symptoms in the capital of Cuba starting in 2016.

While this latest incident hasn’t yet been confirmed as Havana Syndrome, the White House did say that no one traveling with the vice president was involved at all.

Responding to reports of the incidents, Jen Psaki, the White House Press secretary, told reporters earlier this week:

“There was an assessment done of the safety of the vice president, and there was a decision made that she could continue travel along with her staff.”

U.S. officials said there were two separate incidents of unexplained health ailments by American personnel who were in Vietnam in the last week. It hasn’t been revealed who was stricken by the illness, but it wasn’t anyone who works for the White House or the vice president.

On Wednesday, the vice president landed in Hanoi in Vietnam. In addition to other agenda items, Harris was signing a new lease on the U.S. embassy in the city.

Harris wouldn’t comment directly on the Havana Syndrome situation, but did have kind words for Americans who work across the world for their country. She said:

“Here’s my message to embassy staff: thank you. The people who work in our embassies around the world are extraordinary public servants who represent the best of what the United States believes itself to be and aspires to be, which is a good neighbor for our partners and our allies around the globe.”

Part of the reason why Harris was in Vietnam this week is to tout the fact that the U.S. will be sending 1 million more doses of its Pfizer vaccine to Vietnam. That will bring the total number of vaccines that the U.S. has donated to Vietnam to 6 million doses.

In addition, the U.S. will be giving $23 million in aid to Vietnam to help the country expand access to and distribution of the vaccines.

Some people who are impacted by Havana Syndrome say they feel intense pressure in their face, while also hearing a loud piercing sound in their ears. Sometimes, people also experience dizziness and nausea.

American officials serving in other countries have also reported experiencing similar symptoms. There have been many theories floated around as to where it’s come from, but there has been no definitive conclusion.