Kamala Harris Finally Forced To Answer Questions About Afghanistan Mess

(FiveNation.com)- Kamala Harris, who spent the better part of the past week in Southeast Asia, discovered that traveling halfway across the globe didn’t prevent her from being questioned by reporters about the disaster unfolding in Afghanistan.

While in Vietnam on Thursday, Harris told reporters in Hanoi that evacuating Americans and US allies from Afghanistan is the administration’s “highest priority.”

Clearly Kamala’s handlers instructed her to respond to any question about Afghanistan with this “it’s our highest priority” talking point. Because when Kamala first arrived in Singapore last weekend, reporters began peppering her with questions about Afghanistan. In typical Kamala fashion, her first response was to cackle. Then when she stopped cackling, Kamala issued the same “highest priority” response.

Which begs the question. If the evacuation from Afghanistan is the administration’s “highest priority,” why did Kamala Harris not cancel her trip to Southeast Asia and remain at the White House?

Beyond prattling on about the administration’s highest priority, Kamala really had nothing else to say about Afghanistan. Who can blame her? She doesn’t want the stink to splash up on her.

If only she could go back in time to April and erase that moment when she bragged to CNN’s Dana Bash that she was the last person in the room when Joe Biden made his decision to send us down this disastrous path.

Prior to Thursday’s deadly, horrific bombings in Kabul, Vice President Harris planned to stop in California to campaign against the recall of Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom. Because, you know, evacuating Americans and allies out of Afghanistan is the administration’s “highest priority.”

But after Thursday’s bombings, recognizing the horrible optics of it all, Kamala canceled that planned campaign trip to help her pal Gavin.

When she touched down in Hawaii Thursday, the Veep’s staff told the traveling pool of reporters that her planned event at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam would “now be closed to the press.”

No doubt Harris wanted to avoid being asked about the deadly terrorist attack in Kabul. Besides, there are only so many times she can say “evacuating Americans and US allies is our highest priority” before it begins to sound like a memorized talking point.