Kamala Harris Called “Moron” By Host On “The View’

(FiveNation.com)- Friday on “The View,” while discussing Kamala Harris’ embarrassing “first foreign trip as Vice President,” co-host Meghan McCain didn’t mince words.

“I thought she sounded like a moron,” McCain said of Kamala’s awkwardly painful interview with NBC’s Lester Holt. “Her nervous laugh is making me nervous that she doesn’t know what she’s doing.”

Hard to argue with that.

For months now both elected Republicans and Democrats have been begging Harris to go down to the US/Mexico border and see the crush of illegal aliens pouring into the country. And despite these repeated requests from both DC legislators and local leaders, Kamala remains deaf to their pleas.

Given the rising concerns over her refusal to visit the border, Kamala should have the sense to anticipate getting asked the question of when she plans to go. And yet when Lester Holt asked her, she was completely unprepared.

Meghan McCain had a point. Kamala does look as if she doesn’t know what she’s doing.

But Kamala fans were furious with “The View’s” only right-leaning host. And calls for McCain to be fired cranked up once again on social media.

On Sunday, McCain quote-tweeted a video clip of CNN’s Abby Phillip calling Kamala’s first foreign trip “Cringeworthy.”

In her accompanying, tweet, McCain remarked that when the Vice President “is losing @CNN” over her cringeworthy laughing answers, “you know we’re in uncharted territory.”

Again, hard to argue with that.

If even the staunchest supporters of Kamala Harris (AKA the media) are cringing over her unforced errors, Kamala Harris’ “first foreign trip as Vice President” was wasn’t the success Kamala claimed it was.

Senator Joni Ernst, a guest on Friday’s “The View” chimed in as well. Ernst pointed out what is abundantly clear – namely, the longer Kamala waits to visit the border, “the harder it will be for her to explain why she didn’t go sooner.” Ernst encouraged Harris to do it “very, very soon.”

Last week CNN reported that some in the White House are “quietly perplexed” over what they saw as Kamala’s awkward answers to the all-too-predictable question of her visiting the border. According to CNN, these unnamed White House sources believe that her moronic performance with Lester Holt will “overshadow” any possible successes from her unsuccessful trip.