Kamala Harris Blasted For Not Visiting True Problem Of Border

(FiveNation.com)- Vice President Kamala Harris refused to visit the border for more than three months after she was appointed by President Joe Biden to tackle the border crisis, and when she finally did turn up at the border, she went to…El Paso.

She was around 700 miles away from the Rio Grande Valley, where the problem is much more serious.

Of course, Kamala Harris went to a region of the border that isn’t seeing the crisis she and President Joe Biden created on day one of the Biden administration.

During the press conference she gave on Friday, Harris wrongly claimed that the Biden administration has made “extreme progress” on the situation, and even had the audacity to claim that the Biden administration had inherited a “tough situation.”

But during the Trump administration, the number of illegal aliens apprehended by border officials each month had dropped to the tens of thousands. Under the Biden administration, May alone saw some 180,000 illegal aliens apprehended.

Republican Texas Senator Jon Cornyn shared a story from the New York Post on Twitter over the weekend, which discussed why Harris’ “photo-op trip” won’t do much to stop the huge wave of migrants coming over the border. The legislator from Texas slammed Harris as “clueless.”

Is she clueless, or is she purposely trying to mislead the public and keep the cameras away from the epicenter of the crisis she helped create?

Governor Greg Abbott of Texas also noted how Harris didn’t talk to any Texans whose homes were invaded, or who had guns brandished against them, by members of South American criminal gangs and cartels.

“She doesn’t care,” he added.

What will it take for Vice President Harris to admit that criminal gangs are taking advantage of Biden’s open borders, and Americans living in border towns are suffering because of it?