Justice Sotomeyer Refuses To Block Vaccine Mandates

(FiveNation.com)- Workers from New York City who lost their employment due to Mayor Adams’ mandate for the Covid vaccination were denied an emergency appeal by Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

Firefighters, teachers, police officers, and other city employees continue to face discrimination, and the Covid vaccine is still refused based on their religious beliefs.

While the case is moving through the lower courts, a group representing city workers filed an emergency appeal with the Supreme Court.

On Thursday, Sotomayor denied the urgent application without making any remarks.

The personnel includes sanitation workers, police officers, firefighters, teachers, and others who were fired after the city denied their request for a religious exemption from the COVID vaccine obligation. To temporarily halt the city from imposing the vaccine requirement while the group fought the city in a lower court, they submitted an emergency motion to Sotomayor.

While they wait for the Second Circuit to rule, the workers’ attorneys from the Alliance Defending Freedom, a civil rights law firm, claimed in a filing that their clients are losing their First Amendment rights, facing deadlines to move out of homes in foreclosure or with past-due rent, are suffering health issues due to loss of their city health insurance and the stress of having no regular income, and turning to food stamps and Medicaid.

A statement by the worker’s representation stated in their emergency application for the stay that city heroes have dedicated their lives to serving their neighbors and maintaining the security and efficiency of their city, yet New York City officials suspended and fired them because they cannot take the COVID-19 vaccine without going against their sincere religious beliefs. But the city found a way to soften its requirement for sports, entertainers, and strippers.

In the brief, it was stated that “the city never justified why a city sanitation worker cannot pick up trash outside with almost no person-to-person contact absent a vaccination that violates his religious convictions, while an unvaccinated stripper can spend hours in close proximity to customers in an indoor venue.”

Good question.