Judicial Watch Is Trying To Get Court to Unseal Materials on FBI Raid of Trump’s Home

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(FiveNation.com)- A charity filed an application in federal court on Aug. 9 to unseal records relating to the search warrant at Trump’s Florida estate this week.

Judicial Watch asked the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida to unseal the warrant materials because the public has an urgent and substantial interest in understanding the predicate for the execution of the outstanding search warrant of a former president and likely future political opponent.

The organization claimed it was researching the “possible politicization” of DOJ and FBI and that unsealing the documents would serve its objective of educating the public.

Judicial Watch will be able to evaluate and release the documents once the court unseals them. It highlighted that the government had given “no formal explanation or information” about the search.

If the government wants to safeguard secret sources and witnesses, “proper redactions” can be made to the search warrant affidavit, says the request. The historical assumption of warrant access “vastly surpasses” any government interest in sealing the documents, the motion says.

The Biden administration’s raid on Trump’s house is an appalling, irresponsible, and unprecedented misuse of authority. And the American people have a right to know what occurred and who’s accountable, Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton said Aug. 9.

The court sealed the FBI’s warrant application and an affidavit explaining why it was required. The documents were sealed on Aug. 10.

The raid on Trump’s house is alleged to be connected to the Presidential Documents Act (PRA) of 1978, which says all presidential records are public. After a president leaves office, these records go to the National Archives.

The PRA is one of the “most obscure statutes,” according to Fox News’s Gregg Jarrett.

He stated a problem with the law is that the current president decides what constitutes presidential documents. Some think the raid may help Trump in the upcoming election.

Joe Walsh, a former Republican congressman, and Trump critic, tweeted he had “heard from so many GOP voters tonight who was cooling a bit on Trump but are so [expletive] about this raid and are back to absolutely & enthusiastically all in with their support for him.”

Former Democrat presidential candidate Andrew Yang said Trump’s popularity comes from his opposition to a “corrupt government system.”

Millions of Americans would perceive the FBI raid as “unjust persecution,” he claimed.