Judge Throws Cold Water On Biden-Israel Case

On Wednesday, a federal court in California dismissed a lawsuit that had asked the Biden administration to pressure Israel to suspend its bombardment of Gaza.

U.S. District Judge Jeffrey White ruled on Wednesday that the Biden administration should investigate “the results” of its assistance for the old ally, even if he did not have the authority to compel the government to put pressure on Israel, which is engaged in a battle with Hamas.

In a November lawsuit, human rights groups representing Palestinians and families of Palestinians killed by Israeli forces since the war began asked the court to compel President Biden, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and Secretary of Defense Llyod Austin to perform their duties and put an end to the genocide of Palestinians in Gaza.

In their lawsuit, the plaintiffs highlighted the increasing number of casualties in Gaza, which is currently over 26,000, according to Gaza’s Health Ministry. They also mentioned the displacement of roughly 1.9 million Palestinians and the embargo on necessities.

Citing the White House’s unconditional support for Israel and enabling the “unfolding genocide,” the plaintiffs filed their lawsuit.

On October 7, militants from Hamas stormed into Israel, carrying out assaults that killed 1,200 innocent bystanders. The Israeli government has taken measures to minimize civilian losses and maintains that its actions in Gaza do not constitute genocide.

Although the Biden administration first pledged its “unwavering support” to Israel, it has lately urged the Israeli government to use greater caution in its shelling of Gaza to avoid killing innocent civilians.

At the UN International Court of Justice, South Africa is likewise accusing Israel of genocide for its conduct in Gaza. The court’s ruling last week mandates that Israel take all necessary measures to protect the Palestinian people in Gaza from harm.

American plaintiffs in the action sought a court order compelling the president and other officials of the administration to put pressure on Israel to end its bombardment, end the siege in Gaza, and cease enabling the shipments of weapons and armaments to Israel.

Additionally, the lawsuit requested that the judge direct the Biden administration to propose a ceasefire.

The suit’s plaintiffs included American citizens, Palestinians in Gaza, and the West Bank-based Defense for Children International.