Judge Tells Rittenhouse Jury Not to Listen to Media

(FiveNation.com)- Jury deliberations in the Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial began this week. Oddly for such a high-profile case, the Rittenhouse jury is not being sequestered for the duration. So at the end of each day, jurors are able to return home for the night where their televisions will be able to burp out the endless barrage of media lies.

Before dismissing the jury for the night on Monday, Judge Bruce Schroeder sent them on their way with one very clear message: their verdict must be free of bias.

Judge Schroeder told the jurors that with deliberations beginning, the “great burden of reaching a just, fair, and conscientious decision” is placed on the jury. He told them not to be “swayed by sympathy, passion, prejudice, or political beliefs.” He also instructed them to “disregard any impressions” they might have if they believe them to be his “opinion on the guilt or innocence” of Kyle Rittenhouse.

Then Judge Schroeder cautioned them about the opinions of others – namely other people, the news media, or social media. Telling them to “pay no heed to the opinions of anyone,” Schroeder also included the current President of the United States or any “president before him.”

Outside of the courthouse the mob of people – both supports of Kyle Rittenhouse and those who wish to see him hang – are amassing in anticipation of a verdict. Meanwhile, the media continues to foment the unrest while perpetuating the lies both about the trial and Kyle Rittenhouse.

Yesterday, Judge Schroeder, who has not been timid about criticizing the media’s dishonest coverage of the trial, accused them of “grossly irresponsible reporting” on the case. He said he is beginning to rethink allowing cameras into the courtroom if this is how the media behaves.

As New York Post columnist Miranda Devine pointed out on Wednesday night, banning live coverage of the trial would have prevented the public from getting the facts first-hand, leaving them with only the biased media’s lies.

On Thursday, Judge Rittenhouse banned MSNBC reporters from the trial after it was alleged that they attempted to follow the bus on which the jurors were riding. One person was briefly taken into custody for attempting to take pictures of the jurors.