Judge Sides With Ron DeSantis

(FiveNation.com)- According to Forbes, US District Judge Robert L. Hinkle decided not to overturn Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ decision to suspend a state prosecutor who promised not to pursue cases involving abortion or medicalized gender transition.

While the prosecutor’s case opposing DeSantis’ termination is still pending, the Soros-backed Andrew Warren will not be reinstated.

According to The Tampa Bay Times, the former Hillsborough County attorney prefers a trial to Warren’s swift reinstatement. DeSantis accused Warren of “spitting in the face of voters” and “neglect of duty” after signing a statement saying he would not prosecute crimes related to medicalized gender transition surgeries and abortion. Warren then sued DeSantis after the governor suspended him in August and replaced him with his appointee.

DeSantis claimed that Warren’s actions were “defying the Florida legislature.” Because DeSantis suspended him rather than having the governor appoint him, Warren claimed that DeSantis exceeded his authority. Warren also charged that DeSantis was infringing on his First Amendment rights when he “silence[d] his critics, promoted[d] his loyalists, and subverted the will of the voters.”

Instead of restoring Warren, Judge Hinkle will have the matter resolved “once and for all” in court. According to Florida Politics, the judge “didn’t appear convinced” by DeSantis’ argument, which suggests Warren may still be eligible for reinstatement in court.

Yo-yoing this office doesn’t benefit the public, according to Hinkle. He also said that it would be given priority because of the case’s public interest, which means that it will probably happen sooner rather than later.

The Florida governor’s office said after Warren was fired that it’s no surprise Warren, who was suspended for defying the law, would file a legally frivolous lawsuit appealing his suspension. They said they look forward to answering in court.

In the order of termination issued by DeSantis’ office this month, it was noted that
Warren’s “erroneous understanding of his duties,” which “recently culminated in his public declaration that he would not enforce criminal laws enacted by the Florida Legislature that prohibit providers from performing certain abortions to protect the lives of unborn children.”

In a statement to CNN, Warren claimed that DeSantis was “throwing away the votes of hundreds of thousands of Floridians by firing him” because he had won two elections and that “the Florida Constitution specifies extremely narrow limits under which a governor can suspend an elected person.”