Judge Not Convinced Hillary Clinton Is Behind Child Trafficking Ring

There was, or still is, a widely circulating idea on social media that a pedophilia network involving high-ranking members of the Democratic Party is based out of a Washington, D.C. pizzeria. 

Comet Ping Pong owner James Alefantis is a staunch Democrat who donated to both Obama and Hillary Clinton’s campaigns. He previously dated powerful liberal operative, David Brock. 

4chan users started making assumptions and drawing connections between unrelated events. They searched Alefantis’ Instagram for images of youngsters and the contemporary art that decorated his restaurant and made up a story about a pedophile sex ring that included powerful politicians and wealthy contributors.

A Reddit user posted a lengthy document with all of the “evidence” several days before the US election, and the hypothesis quickly spread from 4chan to the mainstream internet. 

Until about mid-November, the tale was only being discussed on 4chan and Reddit. Then, Turkish pro-government media outlets started paying close attention to it. 

Erdogan’s supporters spread the rumor to paint their opponents as hypocrites. 

“Pizzagate” gained new notoriety thanks to tweets from Turkey.

Those who had previously called for Clinton’s arrest over the emails redoubled their efforts on the “pizzagate” front, including alt-right activists and conservative journalists.

That is the backstory of Pizzagate,

Cut to Seamus Hughes.

His Twitter bio reads: I read a lot of court records because I like a good story. Won a Pulitzer that one time. “A well-known PACER watcher” – Justice Department.

He recently unearthed a court document with a woman citing to a judge what she means by “human-trafficking  victim.”

She says, “It’s the pizza. You know, it’s like we all know that Clinton is abducting children and taking them to the basement of this pizzeria to be sold in human trafficking.

The judge says, “Now you’re really losing me.”

Pizzagate lives. Sadly.