Judge Jeanine Demands Criminal Charges For Supreme Court Leaker

(FiveNation.com)- During Tuesday’s episode of “The Five” on Fox News, co-host Judge Jeanine Pirro said Monday’s leak of Justice Antonin Scalia’s draft opinion was designed to fire up the leftwing base in time for the midterm elections.

Pirro argued that with Democrats headed for an electoral massacre in November, they needed something to motivate their far-left base to get out and vote. And the best way to motivate the far-left base is with Roe v. Wade.

She said the person who leaked the draft opinion has done something “unheard of in American history.” Pirro added that you don’t leak a judge’s decision, especially on the Supreme Court.

Calling the leak an egregious breach of the decorum of the Supreme Court, Pirro said they have to find the leaker and “charge them with a crime.” Pirro conceded that she wasn’t sure what that crime might be, adding it could be “some kind of fraud on government property.”

The judge also pointed out that if Alito’s draft opinion becomes the decision of the Court, abortion will not be outlawed. Instead, it would leave abortion law in the hands of individual states’ legislatures. All Alito’s draft says, she added, is abortion is “not a constitutional right.”

Watch the segment HERE.