Judge Gives Verdict On CDC Eviction Pause

(FiveNation.com)- On Friday, a federal judge agreed to further delay the enforcement of her ruling from earlier in May that the nationwide eviction freeze must come to an end. It means that Americans who still haven’t found a chance to get back to work, or who have been struggling to pay rent, will have a little more time before landlords can begin evictions for failure to pay rent.

District Court Judger Dabney Friedrich published a 10-page ruling on Friday which granted an emergency stay on an earlier ruling that invalidated the national freeze on evictions. She said that the decision was made because the “strong interest in controlling the spread of COVID-19 and protecting public health” outweighed all other factors, including the loss of revenue to landlords who were not being paid rent by their tenants.

It raises a lot of questions – particularly ones about the rights of landlords who, in many cases, earn a living from the income from their rental properties. With an eviction freeze continued through 2021, many landlords will find themselves falling into debt while their tenants live rent-free.

Left-wing groups and housing advocates have praised the decision, but it won’t be universally popular.

Emily Benfer, a law professor from Wake Forest University, praised the decision and said it would have thrown millions of American families “into a spiral or irreparable and devastating harm” if it wasn’t put in place.

Friedrich, who was appointed by former President Donald Trump, said that enforcing her previous ruling would “no doubt result in financial losses to landlords” but that the “magnitude of these additional financial losses is outweighed by the Department’s weighty interest in protecting the public.”

The Biden administration pushed back against Friedrich’s ruling on May 5 that the Centers of Disease Control did not have the authority to implement the temporary eviction ban. It is unclear when landlords will once again be allowed to demand payment from tenants, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to be soon…