Judge Denies Release Of Q-Anon Shaman

(FiveNation.com)- Remember the weird guy wearing horns and fur during the Capitol Hill riot? He was quickly dubbed the “Q Shaman” in reference to the “Q Anon” theory, which he appeared to advocate.

His name is Jacob Chansley, and recent reports reveal that after sitting in jail for almost 6 months on non-violent charges, his mental health is declining and he still doesn’t have a trial date.

Sure, the guy is a little odd, but doesn’t it sound strange that a man who didn’t commit a violent crime, and who listened to officers when he entered the Capitol Building, has been locked up for six months, hasn’t been granted bail, and still doesn’t have a trial date in the near future?

This sounds an awful lot like political persecution…

As The Gateway Pundit notes, Chansley did not engage in any threatening or violent behavior, and yet, he is being treated worse than many of the Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters who caused as much as $2 billion in damage in last year’s violent unrest.

Judge Lamberth, a judge appointed by former President Ronald Reagan, said that Chansley is a flight risk and a motion for release pending his trial was rejected. Lamberth said that the Court would not revisit the prior finding that no condition of release would reasonably prevent him from fleeing before his trial begins.

Chansley faces charges of Obstruction of an Official Proceeding, Entering and Remaining in a Restricted Building, Civil Disorder, Disorderly Conduct in a Restricted Building, along with Parading and Demonstrating in a Capitol Building.

It sounds like a long list of charges…but if Antifa rioters were treated in the same way, their charge sheets would be even longer. Chansley didn’t even cause any damage and this is what the state is doing to him.

We’ll update you when the trial finally begins…whenever that might be.