Joy Behar Flips Out Over Someone Mentioning Joe Biden’s Age

( David Axelrod, a former adviser to Barack Obama, should “keep his mouth shut,” according to “The View” anchor Joy Behar when discussing President Biden.

Behar asked if the panel on The View knew what Ronald Reagan’s commandment was? She said it was not to disparage a fellow Republican.

She Said she wished Axelrod would follow Reagan’s advice.

Alyssa Farah, the show’s guest host, brought up Axelrod’s comments from a Saturday New York Times article with the headline, “Should Biden Run in 2024? Democrats start to say “no” in whispers.”

According to the New York Times, many Democrats were worried about Biden’s ability to hold the party together going into the midterm elections and beyond in 2024.

The fact that the president would be older—closer to 90 than 80—at the end of a second term would be a significant problem, according to Axelrod, who spoke to the newspaper.

One question from the panel was, “who is most qualified to defeat Donald Trump?” They seem to think it is a foregone conclusion that Trump will be Biden’s opponent.

Farah said that Trump should never be president again but added that she wasn’t sure Joe Biden had the same “sharpness.” She said he might not be up to the task.

Whoopi Goldberg, a co-host, remarked that we need a candidate who can “bring the country back in line” and that she is more interested in which Republican candidates have a chance.

Sunny Hostin expressed her hope that it is not Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a Republican, as she believes “he handled COVID terribly, and believes he is a fascist and a bigot.
Are there any conservatives these bubbleheads do not feel are fascists and bigots?

Hostin said that she hates the claims that Joe Biden is too old. After all, if the twice-impeached, disgraced former president is no spring chicken, he will be 78 when Joe Biden turns 81.

But, in a contradictory fashion, Hostin added that there are many Democrats with “verve and vitality,” and she would like to see California Governor Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, run since “he’s pretty to look at.”

Additionally, she expressed interest in Vice President Kamala Harris and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg running on the same ticket, claiming that their combined “intellectual power” would destroy either Trump or DeSantis.

Harris has all the intellectual firepower of a Dating Game contestant. And Buttigieg couldn’t run a small city as mayor but was brought into Biden’s cabinet because of identity politics and the “intellectual” screwed up the supply chain.

It’s more about “what you can get done,” Goldberg stated, noting that “Ronald Reagan had Alzheimer’s as a younger man.”

Axelrod also said in an interview with the New York Times that Biden “doesn’t get the credit he deserves” for guiding the nation through the worst of the pandemic, passing historic legislation, uniting NATO against Russian aggression, and bringing civility and decency back to the White House.

But, he was the oldest president in American history at the time of his election in 2020. Biden was 78 years old. By the time the next president is chosen, he will be 82 years old.

And he’s not a young 82.