Journalist With Ties To Biden Starts Crying, Demanding War With Russia In UK

( A Ukrainian activist/”journalist” put on an emotional display during Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s press conference in Warsaw on Tuesday.

Daria Kaleniuk demanded that Prime Minister Johnson support the creation of a no-fly zone over Ukraine. She accused NATO of being unwilling to defend Ukraine because it is “afraid of the World War Three.”

The prime minister reiterated that NATO establishing a no-fly zone over Ukraine would require the UK and other NATO forces to shoot down Russian planes that violate the no-fly zone, leading NATO into direct combat with Russia.

Johnson explained that this isn’t something the UK will do because the consequences “would be truly very, very difficult to control.”


Later that day, The National Pulse alleged that Daria Kaleniuk has previous ties to the “globalist” World Economic Forum and appeared in a campaign video for Joe Biden in early 2020.

The WEF is an organization led by economist Klaus Schwab that has been accused of promoting the so-called “Great Reset.”

The National Pulse notes that Keleniuk’s name appeared on the WEF website in 2019 as part of their Global Young Leaders program that also included Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Republican Congressman Dan Crenshaw, and French President Emmanuel Macron.

Also in 2019, Kaleniuk was interviewed by ABC News where she was described as a Biden supporter. Keleniuk then appeared in a January 21, 2020 campaign video for Joe Biden.

The National Pulse suggests that Kaleniuk’s demand that NATO establishes a no-fly zone over Ukraine and go to war with Russia is somehow linked to her appearing on the WEF website in 2019.