Journalist Added To Ukraine Kill List

( To better comprehend the confrontation between Russia and Ukraine and the underlying political difficulties, NBC News reporter Keir Simmons recently visited Crimea and conducted in-depth interviews with its people. 

Simmons asserts that every person he spoke with expressed support for Russia. 

Crimea is a contested territory that seceded from Ukraine and formally joined Russia in 2014. Over 95% of Crimeans supported independence in a referendum. 

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine began with this act. 

Keir Simmons, a reporter for NBC News, is now on the “kill list” of the CIA-backed Ukrainian government because he covered events in Crimea. 

The Ukrainian “kill list” profile for NBC News reporter Keir Simmons, a British national, claims that he “violated Ukraine’s sovereignty,” produced Russian propaganda, and “attempted legalization of the occupation.” The website listing his profile has an address in Langley, VA, the same as the CIA’s headquarters. 

Several people whose names were on the same page have been ruthlessly slaughtered despite denials from Ukraine and its allies that the kill list is not what it seems. 

Simmons, along with fellow Americans Jackson Hinkle and Pink Floyd frontman/anti-war activist Roger Waters, has been added to Ukraine’s CIA-backed “kill list” of people they consider to be their top enemies for failing to support the conflict in Ukraine and advocating for the continuation of NATO financial and military aid. 

Crimeans told NBC News’s Simmons they would battle Ukrainian invaders if they came to their territory, something Ukrainian President Zelensky claims must happen before he surrenders his Western-funded arsenal. Several residents of Crimea have informed Simmons that they consider themselves Russians and approve of Putin’s leadership. 

The NBC reporter covered the pro-Russia separatist area of Crimea, where every local he spoke with expressed strong support for Russia and opposition to Zelensky.  

Simmons said that the locals had all confirmed to him and his team that they were Russian and would oppose President Zelensky’s Ukrainian army if they attempted to invade. 

One random individual in Crimea told Simmons and NBC News, “Zelensky will not win Crimea back because we have our commander-in-chief, Putin.”  

This sentiment is shared by many in Crimea.