John Kerry Under Investigation By Top Republicans

( John Kerry is the focus of two House Republicans who want to know exactly what he’s doing under the Biden administration.

Representatives James Comer and Jim Jordan are demanding answers from the Biden administration on what role Kerry is playing as the U.S. special envoy for climate.

The position was newly-created under Biden. In his role, Kerry sits on the National Security Council.

In a letter that Jordan (from Ohio) and Comer (from Kentucky) sent to Kerry Monday, they wrote:

“It is of paramount importance that we conduct oversight over your position as the Special Envoy for Climate and how the position will impact the interests of the United States, especially where the role appears to intersect with the U.S. response to a hostile foreign regime such as the Chinese Communist Party. The American people deserve to understand your role in the government and what authority you have to negotiate with foreign adversaries.”

Jordan is the ranking members of the Judiciary Committee in the House, while Comer is the ranking member of the House’s Committee on Oversight and Reform.

To fulfill their request, they demanded that Kerry turn over “all documents and communications from January 20, 2021, to the present regarding negotiations” he had with officials from China.

In addition, they are also demanding he provide communications that had to do with the “nature and scope” of his special role, as well as an explanation of why he has “a need to know classified national security information and maintain a security clearance.”

The letter continued:

“President Biden said he selected you, in part because you are ‘one of [his] closest friends.’ It appears that in your role, you have some ability to set foreign policy and to bind the United States to international agreements, despite not being confirmed with advice and consent of the Senate.

“To date, the White House has failed to provide any information about your security clearance, which Committee Republicans requested on May 4.”

The State Department would not comment on the letter when Fox News reached out to them. However, Kerry’s bio at the State Department says he’s “the first-ever Principal to sit on the National Security Council entirely dedicated to climate change.”

It’s odd at the very least that Kerry would have a seat on the NSC, considering it consistently deals with matters of national security. Members are often given very sensitive information.

As the two representatives said in their letter, Kerry was appointed by Biden to his position. Typically speaking, people who have that high level of access to information, and sit on the NSC, have to go through the full confirmation process with the U.S. Senate. Kerry did not go through that process.

In April, Kerry reached an agreement with Xie Zhenhua, his counterpart in China, on behalf of the U.S. and China. It set out the need to curb climate change with urgency.

He then made comments that show he’s more in-tune with insider information than someone in his position probably should be. He said of China:

“We have differences on economic rules, on cyber. We have other differences on human rights, geostrategic interests, but those differences do not have to get in the way of something that is as critical as dealing with climate … When I was in China the other day, we negotiated back and forth in good faith.”