John Kerry Caught Flying Private Jet To Talk About Climate Change

( Flights records have revealed that John Kerry, the Biden administration’s climate change czar, allowed his family to travel in a private jet from Boston, Massachusetts, to their luxury estate in Sun Valley, Idaho, on Friday.

The journey was made while Kerry was in Asia promoting the Biden administration’s extremist Green agenda.

The flight activity was published via FlightAware and was quickly picked up by the international press, with even the Daily Mail from the United Kingdom publishing the shocking story.

It’s not the first time that Kerry has faced criticism for using his private jet while doing business on behalf of the Biden administration, or while promoting his Green causes.

In January, Fox News revealed how the Kerry family private jet was emitting roughly 116 metric tons of carbon every year, with the typical passenger vehicle only emitting 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide each year.

That means John Kerry is emitting more carbon not just as an individual traveler, but that his jet is significantly less efficient than the jets that transport multiple people in one journey.

Earlier this year, Kerry defended his use of his private jet after he traveled to Iceland to receive a climate award. During an interview with local press, Kerry said that using his luxury jet was the “only choice for somebody like me.”

United States Senator for Arkansas Tom Cotton slammed Kerry for having the “carbon footprint of a small nation,” and yet still telling energy workers to “make solar panels” when they lose their jobs because of the Biden administration’s policies.

Nobody knows which members of the Kerry family were on board the plane, which landed at the Friedman Memorial Airport in Sun Valley, but the press reported that it flew just 100 miles – a journey that could have easily been made by car. Or electric vehicle.

The plane then reportedly flew another 90 miles from Martha’s Vineyard to Boston two days afterwards.

When Kerry does choose to fly commercial, he still manages to attract criticism. Photographs posted on social media in March showed Kerry flying without wearing a mask, and while not eating or drinking – an offense that has already got thousands of Americans banned from flying.

Will the Biden administration take action against this gas guzzling hypocrite?