John Kerry Admits He Wants To Replace Capitalist System

( During a COP27 panel discussion in Egypt on Tuesday, John Kerry stated that the World Economic Forum’s climate change agenda was “modeled” after the effort to distribute vaccines during the Covid pandemic.

So, we can all anticipate future high-pressure, coercive government techniques, not just from the government but also from business elites.

U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry said the private sector must work with governments to realize the goal of preventing the global temperature from rising and from saving lives in the allegedly looming global climate crisis. Kerry appeared alongside WEF President Børge Brende and various corporate executives.

Speaking in front of the panel, Kerry said they have a great job ahead of them to scale innovative technologies and to harness the deeply capable capacity of private sector entrepreneurs to bring them to the table because without that, no government has enough money. “We need everyone behind this,” said the Czar.

King Charles has also stated that to address climate change, countries must pool their funds and raise $1 trillion.

Kerry emphasized the WEF’s First Movers Coalition, which he said was “needed to create demand signals in the market where they didn’t exist, which takes boldness, it takes courage from these executives who have decided to be a part of this.”

Kerry also promoted the WEF’s First Movers Coalition.

Globalists want to eliminate market capitalism, which gave rise to a wealthy middle class and individual freedom. The middle class will continue to be independent and capable of critical thought. If you take away their riches, you also take away their independent thinking and self-determination.

John Kerry and Pope Francis want to replace capitalism with something that creates demand signals in the market where there isn’t any.

They want to create demand for things like solar and wind energy in place of dependable coal, oil, and lab-grown fake meat instead of animal protein.

This is part of a larger U.N. depopulation plan.