John Fetterman’s Wife Hints At Career Change

As her husband was admitted into Walter Reed National Medical Center to be treated for what his office said was “clinical depression,” Senator John Fetterman’s wife, Gisele, responded to a bombshell revelation that she decided, at that moment, to escape the country with their children.

The media hysteria due to this revelation allegedly rocked Mrs. Fettermans’s world, which she said was already scrutinized and trolled by the far right.

In an exclusive opinion piece for Elle, the fashion magazine out of France, Mrs. Fetterman attacked critics and said she would get retribution by pursuing an ambitious political career.

Because of her stress, she did “the first thing that came to mind.” She packed the kids in the car and went” to Niagara Falls, where the people lauded her by telling her how wonderfully brave John Fetterman is and how fun should coexist with pain and suffering.

The snippy article then claims (without proof) that characterizing her as an ambitious, power-hungry wife covertly preparing to occupy “his Senate seat” was likened to pushing wildly ridiculous conspiracy theories. She said “people on social media” had been cruel to her.

One of the most telling signs that someone has political aspirations and plans to run for office (or fill a seat held by a health-challenged spouse) is that they publish an opinion article and come out from the shadow of their politically elected spouse.

Although Fetterman’s wife has stated her wish to emerge from the shade of her husband’s job, she has denied any interest in entering politics.

She wrote that, although she has spent her career helping others and giving back to the community, she has no interest in politics. She claims she’s never been interested in policy politicking and would instead help others as a private person.

That’s exactly what a would-be candidate for public office would say just before declaring their candidacy. This occurs often. For instance, Elizabeth Warren, a Democrat from Massachusetts, said in March 2018 that she would “not run for president in 2020.” Warren’s (failed) presidential candidacy began in February 2019, nine months after she first formed an exploratory committee.

Before officially announcing her campaign for president in 2016, even the clearly ambitious Hillary Clinton suggested she might not run for office in 2016.

Keep all eyes on Fetterman… and Michelle Obama.