Joe Rogan Reacts To Claims He’s A “Secret Conservative”

( The prominent podcaster, Joe Rogan, of the “The Joe Rogan Experience” hit back against individuals who said he was a “secret conservative.”

During an interview over the weekend, Rogan, who routinely criticizes woke lefties and makes fun of Democrat President Joe Biden, made some comments disparaging the GOP.

He said that not only are they targeting abortion rights, but also homosexual marriage.

Rogan said that Gay marriage is not silly. It’s marriage – it’s marriage between homosexuals and is intended for them. It’s significant. They desire it. They desire to reaffirm their union and affection.

It’s so homophobic, said Rogan.

He continued by stating that if you are against gay marriage, you are implying that there is something wrong with being homosexual. You’re claiming to be against homosexuals. He said that they are pursuing that today. That is the “type of s***” that prevents him from supporting the Republican Party. Many things prevent him from being a Republican; that is only one of them.

Then, in response to the claim that he is a “secret conservative,” Rogan became very agitated and told anyone who thinks so, “You can suck my d***.”

(An odd comment after invoking the homophobic rant.)

Rogan remarked, “You don’t know what the f*** you’re talking about.”

He said he’s not even close to being a Republican. Just because he favors the Second Amendment, the military, and the police doesn’t mean his in the GOP.

Rogan said he has a bleeding-heart liberal attitude on many things. Like welfare. He said that his family collected it when he was a child. He now believes it to be a crucial social safety net,

“We ought to support one another. Our community is meant to be one huge family.”

Donald Trump, the former president, has lately come under fire from Rogan on his podcast. Rogan referred to Trump as a “man baby” and said he didn’t want to support Trump in any way.

He said the Trump era would also be one of the stranger periods. He said Trump is such a polarizing figure that so many people felt they could forsake their ethics, morals, and principles just to attack him and anyone who supports him because he’s an existential threat to democracy. This is something that people should consider when looking back historically on the division in this country.

But added that he doesn’t in any way, shape, or form support Trump. He’s had the chance to have him on his program more than once, but every time has declined.

“I have no desire to assist him,” said Rogan.