Joe Biden’s Sister Defends Family From Corruption Allegations

( On Monday, the President’s younger sister, Valerie Biden Owens sat down with CBS Mornings host Gayle King to promote her upcoming book that nobody was clamoring for, “Growing Up Biden: A Memoir.”

Is there not one member of the Biden family who isn’t trying to profit off of being related to Joe Biden?

During their sit-down, Gayle King asked Owens about Hunter Biden’s dirty foreign business deals which she quickly dismissed as nothing but politically-motivated attacks.

King asked if Hunter Biden was a “problem” for the Biden family, to which Valerie tersely responded, “No.”

But Gayle King pressed on. She cited the revelations about the deals Hunter and Jim Biden had done with companies linked to foreign governments, asking Owens if the deals were “on the up-and-up” and if the president was involved.

Rather than answer Gayle King’s questions, Owens said she wasn’t enthusiastic about Biden’s 2020 campaign because she knew “it would be ugly and mean” and her brother would be attacked “personally and professionally” because Trump was “intent on bringing my brother down.”

King cut in, asking Owens, “What’s that got to do with Hunter?”

Owens argued that she assumed that Trump and his “entourage” would attack Joe’s family and Hunter was the “weak link” because he “has written in exquisite detail about his struggle with addiction.”

Trump never attacked Hunter Biden for his “struggle with addiction.” Trump focused on Hunter’s shady foreign business dealings and how he used his father’s political connections to make a whole lot of money in foreign countries.

You can’t be surprised that Valerie Biden Owens is deflecting away from the facts about Hunter’s dirty deals. She’s a Biden. And the Biden family sticks together like the Corleones.