Joe Biden’s “Margin Of Victory” Reportedly Cancelled By Illegal Votes, Report Finds

( President Joe Biden’s supposed win in the state of Georgia in the last presidential election is being called into question as new evidence shows that as many as 35,000 illegal and illegitimate votes could have been cast in the state. The evidence shows that the number of illegal votes cast is larger than the margin of victory, which was just 12,670 votes.

Remember when Democrats claimed to care about election fraud in 2016? It looks like now there is actually evidence of it, and that the fraud benefits their candidate, they don’t really care very much.

Voter data expert and the president of Data Productions Inc., Mark Davis, told The Federalist how almost 35,000 voters from Georgia who indicated that they had moved from one county in the state to another went on to vote in the election in 2020 from the county that they had moved from – making their vote invalid.

Speaking to the outlet, Davis said that he found it “disconcerting” that the media and the courts ignored shocking evidence like this, particularly given that the data being revealed showed some “legitimate issues.”

He described how he heard Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger’s team admitting that some votes had been cast with residency issued, but added that there were not enough of those votes cast to call into doubt the results of the election. But Davis said that was wrong. He even said that Raffensperger’s office hasn’t produced any data to back up their outstanding claim.

So with 35,000 potentially illegitimate votes…how can the Democrats, the media, or the political establishment claim that Biden won the state?

How can anyone even know who won?

Davis added that 10,300 voters in Georgia had also cast votes not only in the county that they had moved away from, but also in the county that they had moved to.

The shocking revelation, reported by the National File last week, comes as the results of Arizona’s forensic audit are expected to be released within the coming weeks…and that could change everything.