Joe Biden’s Black Approval Is Collapsing

( President Joe Biden’s support among black voters dropped somewhat, according to a recent survey from a Democrat research firm.

Navigator Research found that Biden’s favorability rating among blacks dropped 10 points over the course of 2021, from 86 percent to 76 percent.

The findings, released on February 3, show Biden’s sinking approval among black voters was even more significant among younger people. His drop in favorability among those under the age of 35 went from 88 percent at the start of his first year to 63 percent by the end of the year.

Biden won 92 percent of the black vote in the 2020 presidential election. Black voters were especially crucial in Biden’s victories in Georgia, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

From the data gathered by Navigator Research, it is clear that Biden’s drop in favorability among black voters isn’t because he’s been a disaster, but because the Senate is standing in the way of his promised agenda.

Navigator Research conducted three online focus groups with black voters in Michigan, Georgia, and Texas. When asked to grade Biden’s job performance, nobody gave him an F. But nobody gave him an A either.

By and large, participants overwhelmingly support Biden’s economic agenda and his push for federalizing US elections, with roughly three-quarters of respondents approving.

What bothers them most isn’t Biden, but Senate Democrats Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin whom they believe are blocking Biden’s agenda. The participants want Joe Biden to do more to bring the Senate in line and do whatever it takes to ram his agenda through.

In short, the dip in polling won’t change a thing. Most black voters will continue to support the Democrats at the ballot box because they don’t object to the Democrat Party’s agenda.

However, one focus group participant from Georgia did say she felt like former President Trump, whom she doesn’t like, “had more of an impact” than Joe Biden.

Speaking of Georgia, a late January poll from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution found that Biden’s approval among black voters in Georgia dropped nearly 30 points since May 2021. The poll found 59.1 percent of blacks approve of the President, down from 87.5 percent in May.