Joe Biden Tries To Ignore Justice Breyer Retirement Push By Democrats

( President Joe Biden is resisting calls by the most radically left-wing members of his party to pressure Supreme Court justice Stephen Breyer to retire from the bench.

Presumably, he knows that he doesn’t need Justice Breyer to resign if he is successful in his plan to pack or “reform” the Supreme Court in a way that will allow the Democrats to pass unconstitutional new legislation.

Democrats and radical left-wingers have spent months pressuring Breyer, who is set to turn 83 this month, to step down. Those calls were renewed when far-left New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said that she believes it is time for him to go so that President Biden can nominate an extreme left-winger before the 2022 midterm elections.

According to a report from Axios, which quotes White House spokesman Andrew Bates, both President Joe Biden and Chief of Staff Ron Klain fear that putting pressure on Breyer will only serve to politicize the Supreme Court – something they can’t risk doing before they navigate the tricky waters of packing the Supreme Court without making it look political.

Which it is.

Bates said that Bidens’ view is that “any considerations about potential retirements” are matters that are “solely and entirely” something for justices themselves to think about.

As it stands, the Supreme Court has six conservative judges and three liberal, meaning the court is currently only passing decisions based on the original text of the United States Constitution. Democrats, however, want to see additional left-wing judges appointed to the bench so that unconstitutional legislation may be passed more easily.

Biden appointed a Supreme Court commission soon after his “election,” which is tasked with coming up with ways to change the way the Supreme Court works, without necessarily packing it.

We’re yet to see their suggestions, but if Biden is already turning down an opportunity to nominate a new Supreme Court Justice before 2022, he must be pretty confident that change is coming down the line.