Joe Biden Tells Another Meandering Story to Promote BBB

( Last Tuesday evening, President Joe Biden delivered a meandering speech to the DNC’s Christmas Holiday celebration that included this incomprehensible nugget:

Um. What?

So, if Build Back Better doesn’t pass the lives of families and elderly grandparents will be at stake? And “everyone, everyone, everyone, everyone is a little harder.” What does that even mean? What is a little harder?

How is passing Build Back Better going to ensure that “grandmom” can walk out of her porch without worrying about falling? Is Joe Biden saying that the only reason he fell on the steps of Air Force One is because Build Back Better wasn’t passed?

This is babbling nonsense.

Biden went on to sum up his “plan” by saying he was going to make sure “we take care of mom, we’re going to take care of the child.” Then he added those in the “sandwich generation” are dealing with both.

“Both?” Both what? And what precisely is the “sandwich generation?”

But this is the problem Joe Biden faces. He has no earthly idea what his Build Back Better plan includes. He isn’t in the loop. He isn’t running negotiations. And he has no clue what his staffers and Democrat Congressional staffers have crammed in this garbage bill.

As a result, since Joe Biden can’t intelligently discuss the bill, he relies on meaningless platitudes and incomprehensible gibberish.