Joe Biden “Smoking Gun” Found By Investigators

( According to email and text messages, President Joe Biden was more involved in Hunter Biden’s financial and business dealings than previously acknowledged.
He allowed his son to pay some of his bills, diverted one of his tax refunds, rubbed elbows with the first son’s foreign clients, and even referred a friend who wanted to “do some work” with his son.
Jeff Cooper “asked for you,” Joe Biden texted his son, sending along with the phone number of a well-to-do trial lawyer and longtime Joe Biden donor. “Wants to do some work with you. Love Dad.”
The summer 2018 communication is one of the most substantial pieces of evidence acquired by FBI and congressional investigators showing Joe Biden was not only a passive observer in his son’s globe-trotting business activities but was supporting and profiting financially at times.
Hunter Biden and a partner at his Rosemont Seneca company, for example, supplied the White House with papers for Joe Biden’s tax returns following his first year in office, according to a series of spring and summer 2010 emails. According to the emails, they decided to redirect the then-vice president’s Delaware state tax refund to Hunter Biden to pay off money owed to his son by his father.
Rosemont Seneca official Eric Schwerin wrote in June 2010 about Joe Biden’s tax refund, “I am depositing it in his account and writing a check in that amount back to you since he owes it to you. Don’t think I need to run it by him, but if you want to, go ahead.”
A month later, a Schwerin email marked “JRB bills” – the future president’s initials — itemized a sequence of costs that Hunter Biden had paid from Joe Biden’s lakeside property in Wilmington, Del.
Air conditioner repairs at “mom-mom’s cottage cost $1,239. Painting the “rear wall and columns at the lake home” cost $1,475 more. There was $475 for “shutters” and $2,600 for a “stone retaining wall near the lake” that needed to be built or repaired.
In other emails, Joe Biden — referred to in confidential correspondence as “Pop,” “the big guy,” and “my chairman” — appeared to be turning to Hunter Biden and Schwerin to locate his wealth for when he left government.
Since Peter Schweizer’s best-selling book “Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends” in 2018, there have been rumblings that Hunter Biden was giving his father a part in his firm during and after the Obama administration.
For example, a notorious 2017 email claimed that Hunter had set aside 10% of a significant Chinese contract for the “big guy.” And a stray text message Hunter Biden sent his daughter Naomi grumbled that “unlike pop, I won’t make you give me half your income.”
The Government Accountability Institute examined more than 100,000 emails and text messages on Hunter Biden’s laptop, which he left at a computer repair shop in Delaware (and was later seized by the FBI). Bank records and memos obtained through FOIA, by the FBI in other court cases, or voluntarily shared by two of Hunter Biden’s estranged business partners were also investigated.
Several allusions in the letters imply that Joe and Hunter Biden’s financial and business dealings were sometimes conflated.
Hunter Biden teamed up with two of his Yale pals, Devon Archer and Christopher Heinz, shortly after Joe Biden was sworn in as Vice President in 2009.
While Joe Biden managed the US military occupation of Iraq, his son and brother were able to profit from foreign interests. Hunter Biden received “millions of money” from the fraudulent Ukrainian oil and gas corporation Burisma, which coincided with Joe Biden’s appointment as the region’s “point man.” According to documents, Joe Biden recommended possible employment to his son Hunter Biden and met with his son’s overseas business partners on many occasions.
Hunter Biden, Beau Biden’s son, worked as a manager for his father’s business partner Devon Archer Cooper from 2012 until 2014. Hunter Biden’s business associates talked about building links with a wealthy group of Chinese businesspeople dubbed “China Inc.” by one colleague. The Chinese businessmen were keen to meet with President Obama. They met with President Barack Obama’s newly confirmed Commerce Secretary, John Bryson, but there was no mention of Vice President Joe Biden. Hunter Biden traveled to Beijing with his father on Air Force Two in December 2013 for the latter’s formal engagement with Chinese Communist Party leaders. While the vice president was in town on official business, the second son negotiated a multibillion-dollar private equity deal with the Chinese. Hunter Biden admits that Joe Biden met with his Chinese business partner, Jonathan Li, in the lobby of a Chinese hotel.