Joe Biden Nominates Elitist Cindy McCain To Foreign Ambassador

( The White House announced on Wednesday that President Biden has nominated John McCain’s widow Cindy McCain to serve as the US representative to the United Nations Agencies for Food and Agriculture.

It’s somewhat sad, really. Cindy McCain stabs the Republican Party in the back, endorses the semi-coherent Joe Biden for President, and all she got was this lousy UN posting.

Sure, the post allows Cindy the right to call herself an Ambassador. But it seems like small potatoes given the number of bridges she was willing to burn to get a spot in the Biden Administration.

McCain was one of several nominally Republican figures to sell out their reputations to not only endorse the geriatric dementia-riddled Biden, but also to speak at the 2020 Democratic National Convention.

One would think that kind of commitment would have resulted in an actual ambassadorship at an actual embassy.

Shortly after Biden’s inauguration, Axios reported that Cindy McCain was being considered to serve as ambassador to the UK. Getting a symbolic “ambassadorship” with the UN’s food program is a bit of a come-down.

But of course Cindy put on a brave face, tweeting out how “deeply honored” she was to become Biden’s ambassador to food.

McCain is currently Chairman and Director of the Hensley Beverage Company in Phoenix which may be why Biden chose to stick her in the UN’s food agency. Apparently there isn’t a UN beverage agency.

Meanwhile, President Biden has still not named his ambassador for the UK – something the Brits aren’t too happy about.

With PM Boris Johnson eager to reach a free trade agreement between the US and UK, the lack of an ambassador is holding things up.

The UK Express reported over the weekend that a number of members of Parliament are growing irritated with what they view as Biden’s indifference to the US/UK relationship.

One Tory MP told the Express that “Trump was our best ally” whereas Biden “clearly doesn’t value the special relationship.”

But at least the UN’s Food and Agriculture agencies are covered.