Joe Biden Literally Can’t Read From A Teleprompter, Suddenly Stops His Speech

( President Joe Biden gaffes do not stop even when he is reading from a teleprompter. When he isn’t repeating the words in brackets like, “Repeat,” he is struggling to read the words entirely. Biden had difficulty reading a portion on NATO’s formation during a White House press conference last week, IOTW reported.

“You know NATO is formed out of the wreckage of World War II as we all know. Where war…you know it has…look, let’s be straight about it—wars have repeatedly riven the continent and engulfed the world in conflicts and, and, uh, there’s no way to avoid that if we’re not together,” the president barely said looking back and forth from the teleprompter to the side of the stage as if searching for the words someone in the audience.

As the presidential campaigns loom around the corner for 2024, the White House asserts that Biden is doing very well and is mentally capable to do the job as the president. But members from his own party are expressing their reservations about supporting him for another presidential run. After disregarding the writing on the wall, even Van Jones told CNN that one wonders that when Biden gaffes if something else is going on.

Biden will soon be 80 years old and, should he be reelected, at the end of his second term he will be 86 years old. Far left squad member Sandy Cortez refused to answer when CNN’s Dana Bash asked if she would support Biden for reelection, saying that she is focusing on the midterms and that she will see when the time comes.

Not even the vice president enjoys the confidence in her own party for being a potential contender. Harris’ approval rating is at negative 11, much further below Biden’s approval rating which for the first time in months ticked up to 42%. His disapproval rating has gotten a few points better from 59% to 56%.