Joe Biden Is Unfit To Govern, New Poll Finds

( A new poll once again cast doubt on the legitimacy of Joe Biden’s presidency and reveals just how incapable Americans believe he is. A poll of National Pulse readers found that 95% of respondents believe that President Joe Biden is incapable of exercising the powers of the Office of the President, and is unfit to be the United States Commander in Chief.

While the National Pulse is a decidedly conservative outlet, the poll shows just how little faith conservative readers and Republican voters have in President Joe Biden not to be a good president, but to just be a president.

A survey of 16,302 people revealed how the vast majority of respondents don’t think that Biden can be an effective president, even if they disagree with his politics. It comes after he oversaw one of the latest increases in illegal border crossings in history, reaching 170,000 migrants apprehended at the border in March, and a couple of awkward incidents of falling up the stairs while boarding Air Force One.

President Joe Biden didn’t exactly instil confidence in voters during the presidential campaign, either, relying heavily on teleprompters and scripts even during press conferences and interviews.

Naturally, the left-wing media has begun promoting President Biden as hugely popular, with a survey from far-left outlet CNBC claiming that the oldest president in American history, who still refuses to acknowledge the border crisis, has a public approval rating of 47%.

Another poll even claimed his support hit 59%.


“Key to Biden’s support is a 62% approval rating for his handling of the coronavirus,” CNBC claimed. “A 46% plurality approve of his handling of the economy with 41% disapproving. But the president appears to have trouble ahead with just 29% approving of his handling of immigration and 52% disapproving.”

Jay Campbell, the Democratic pollster for the CNBC survey (that should tell you everything you need to know about this survey) bemoaned Republicans criticizing President Biden’s horrific record on border security.

“If there was nothing else to talk about, I think this would be an enormous problem for Biden right now and it has the potential to grow into a bigger problem,” left-wing pollster Campbell said.

If COVID-19 wasn’t around, President Biden not only wouldn’t be getting away with this massive influx of illegal aliens on the border…but he also probably wouldn’t be in the White House.