Joe Biden Is Developing A System Forcing People To Prove Vaccinated

( If you thought you might be able to get away with not taking the vaccine, whether because of concerns about health or just knowing that you’ve already recovered from the COVID-19 virus, then President Joe Biden is taking steps to make that very difficult indeed.

According to a Biden administration official, the Biden White House is now establishing a new set of standards for people to prove that they have been vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus.

The official, cited by CNN, said that they were currently working on the new standards which will take input from Big Tech and various nonprofits – and it’s only a few weeks away from being finalized.

When Big Tech is involved you know it’s going to be terrible.

On Monday, White House Press Secretary tried to avoid criticism over the plans by saying there would be no federal mandate that requires Americans to take the vaccine, but didn’t rule out the possibility of most major business, restaurants, and transportation providers requiring it anyway.

If the government doesn’t require vaccines but the businesses we interact with daily do, then does it matter whether there’s a federal mandate or not?

Psaki said that the Biden Administration believes the private sector would push a “determination or development of a vaccine passport, or whatever you call it,” which was essentially an admission that businesses will force you to take the vaccine whether you like it or not.

While former President Donald Trump was positive about the reopening of America’s economy this spring, President Joe Biden is now indicating that Americans might only be able to start living their life again by Christmas.

Bizarrely, Wall Street Journal reporter Vivian Salama quoted Psaki, but switched “private sector” to “public sector.”

No word on whether or not that was an honest mistake…

And despite the president saying that the federal government shouldn’t play a role in the vaccine passport system, The Washington Post reported that the plans have been “driven largely by arms of the Department of Health and Human Services, including an office devoted to health information technology.”

Not only is President Biden pushing for a COVID vaccination passport…but he also doesn’t want you to know what he’s up to.