Joe Biden “Ghosted” Kamala Harris

( Early in his presidency, Joe Biden told People Magazine that he made the same deal with Kamala Harris that former President Obama made with him when it came to drop-in privileges and meetings access. And part of the deal was weekly lunches alone, just Joe and Kamala.

Only, this is just one more promise Joe Biden failed to keep.

According to a report in RealClearPolitics last week, so far this year, Kamala and Joe’s “weekly” lunches are hardly weekly.

After reviewing the president’s public schedule, RealClearPolitics found that so far this year, Joe and his Veep only had two private lunches. During the same period last year, Joe and Kamala lunched together twelve times.

Could it be that Joe’s senility isn’t so far gone to make him incapable of realizing just how odious Kamala Harris is?

Really, can you blame the guy? Who would want to sit down for weekly lunches with a woman like Kamala Harris? Just her cackling alone would be bad for digestion.

This year, Joe and Kamala had lunch in the private White House dining room on February 8 and March 30.

Both lunch dates coincide with significant events for the White House. The February lunch was around the time Biden was beginning his search for a Supreme Court nominee. The March lunch came after Joe returned from his visit to Brussels and Poland.

But even in 2021, the “weekly” lunches weren’t weekly. In total, Joe and Kamala ate together only 23 times.

According to RealClearPolitics, White House aides insist that the lack of lunches shouldn’t be viewed as a barometer of cooperation between Joe and Kamala.

Deputy press secretary Chris Meager told the outlet that the president relies on Kamala’s “counsel, partnership, and friendship” and they are in constant contact with each other.

Then again, Meager is the same guy who claimed that President Biden watched the confirmation hearings for Ketanji Brown Jackson when he hadn’t watched a minute of them:

They can downplay it all they want. But given the rumors, whispers, and leaks about the growing tension between the West Wing and the Vice President, it’s hard not to conclude that Joe breaking his promise for weekly lunches might stem from that tension.