Joe Biden Asks Joe Manchin To Give Him A “Number” So He Can Push Through His Agenda

( Reports suggest that President Joe Biden pleaded with Senator Joe Manchin, the moderate Democratic legislator for West Virginia, in the hope that he would reverse his commitment to rejecting the unprecedented $3.5 trillion spending plan put forward by the president.

Biden begged Manchin to get in line with the rest of the party and support the unprecedented spending bill, that will be overwhelmingly used to pay for far-left social projects. But Manchin refused to name his price during a White House meeting on Wednesday, putting his foot down and reminding the president that Americans are still feeling the effects of inflation.

According to the Mail, Biden brought in a group of Democratic lawmakers on Wednesday to discuss the plans, holding long and separate meetings with progressives, moderates, and leadership figures in the party to find a number that everybody can agree on.

Five hours were spent during meetings with 23 different lawmakers, and it still doesn’t look as though Biden has got Manchin to budge.

Democratic Senator Jon Tester, representing Montana, said that every legislator there got a chance to say their piece, and “there was a lot of pieces said.”

Senator Manchin previous wrote in the Wall Street Journal that he would not support the Democrat’s plan to spend $3.5 trillion until he has seen evidence that the current period of inflation is temporary.

Manchin told the press on Wednesday that he did not give President Joe Biden a figure, and Biden has not given him a deadline.

The president will need the vote of every single Democrat in the Senate, including Vice President Kamala Harris who will cast the deciding vote, in order to pass the hugely unpopular and unprecedented spending bill through the budget reconciliation process.