Joe And Jill Biden Return To D.C. Amid Crisis

( The Daily Mail reported this week that President Joe Biden appeared to be absolutely convinced that the Democrats were all set to support his infrastructure bill as he left the White House on Tuesday morning to visit New Jersey and New York and witness the damage caused by recent hurricanes.

When journalists asked the president if members of his party would support the extremist bill, which would set aside trillions of dollars for projects that the Democrats wrongly describe as “infrastructure,” Biden responded, “Is the sun going to come out tomorrow?”

First of all, why does Joe Biden never answer questions like a normal person? Is he afraid of giving a specific answer?

And secondly, the idea that Democrats are fully on board with the infrastructure bill is wrong. Many Democrats have come forward and opposed far-left House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s attempt to link the $1.2 trillion infrastructure package to a bigger $3.5 trillion social spending package. Furthermore, Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema have also indicated their opposition to the package, with Manchin even calling on the government to completely pause any new spending until the American people know whether the current trend towards inflation is only temporary.

Biden briefly spoke to reporters, telling them that he is “hoping to be able to see the things we are going to be able to fix permanently with the bill that we have in for infrastructure.”

It’s not exactly clear, is it? What does that statement mean?

Under the massive $3.5 trillion packing being pushed through Congress, and which may only require a simple majority vote in the Senate by the way of passing it through the budget resolution process, Democrats will spend huge sums of money on climate change and social “equity” projects.

Republicans have firmly rejected the plan over Democrats’ plans to pay for it using tax hikes.