Jim Jordan Says Trump Will Be Next President

(FiveNation.com)- In a far-ranging interview with Newsmax host Greg Kelly on Tuesday, Jim Jordan brought the hammer down on the radical far-Left agenda of Congressional Democrats and the mountain of failures Joe Biden’s administration has already racked up in its brief tenure in office.

Given the radical caucus currently controlling the House, Jordan tells Kelly he is confident Republicans will take back the majority in the 2022 Midterms. What’s more, he believes Donald Trump will run for President again in 2024 and Trump will win.

Watch the segment:

While it is still not definite that Donald Trump will throw his hat into the 2024 ring, Jordan’s Midterm prediction is backed up by solid evidence.

On Tuesday, the National Republican Congressional Committee released its May fundraising data revealing that, in May alone, House Republicans raised a staggering $14 million – setting a new one-month fundraising record. This makes May the third month in a row that the NRCC broke one-month fundraising records.

Currently the NRCC has more than $42 million in cash on hand. By comparison, the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee holds $32 million on hand.

In early May, Breitbart reported that a survey of Capitol Hill aides reveals that an overwhelming majority of them (66%) believe Republicans will retake the House in November 2022. That 66% includes 36% of Democrat staffers.

With Democrats holding the slimmest majority in decades, Republicans will only need to pick up five seats in the Midterms to flip the House and take the majority away from Nancy Pelosi. And considering that the NRCC has listed 57 Democrat seats as “vulnerable,” flipping five doesn’t sound particularly difficult.

Many believe the 2022 Midterms may be shaping up as a replay of the 2010 Tea Party Revolution where grassroots organizations fueled a blistering rout of Pelosi and the Democrat majority flipping sixty-three seats and gaining the largest Republican House majority since 1938.

With rising inflation and consumer prices, anger over the economic destruction from ill-conceived pandemic lockdowns, the radical assault on election integrity and the chaos at the Southern border coupled with a rising Tea Party-style grassroots movement pushing back against the neo-Marxist “Critical Race Theory” in public schools, the table is no doubt set for a showdown in 2022.