Jim Acosta Confronts MTG Over Bannon Contempt Vote

(FiveNation.com)- CNN’s resident pest Jim Acosta is determined to keep the “Insurrection” hoax alive.

The odious former Trump foil has been using his Saturday program to perpetuate the myth that Republican lawmakers are terrorists who fomented a “deadly insurrection” on January 6 while accusing them of continuing to peddle the “Big Lie” that the 2020 election was rigged.

In early September, Acosta capitalized on the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan by claiming that the American right has become “like the American Taliban” – or more specifically, the “MAGAban.”

He rails nonstop against Republican lawmakers, former President Donald Trump, and has a special hatred for Fox News Host Tucker Carlson – whom he has called a race-baiting conspiracy theorist.

The only good news is nobody watches Jim Acosta’s show.

After the House voted 229 to 202 on the resolution to refer podcaster Steve Bannon to the Justice Department on the charge of Contempt of Congress, Acosta chased down Georgia Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene to pester her over voting against the resolution.

Why her and not one of the other 202 Republicans who voted against it?

Why because Marjorie Taylor Greene is one of Jim’s “MAGAban.”

Watch HERE.

On Monday, Tucker Carlson began presenting a three-part documentary on Fox Nation regarding the January 6 riot at the Capitol. And last week, even before the documentary aired, Acosta, along with others in the corporate news media, attacked Carlson over the still-unaired documentary.

Grabien compiled a montage of the premature attacks:

It hadn’t even aired yet! They had no idea what the documentary is going to present, yet they claim it is “dangerous propaganda” that is filled with lies while claiming Carlson was “inciting violence.”

How would they know? Well, they didn’t know.

Every second of their hysteria was based on a one-minute and twenty-three-second preview released last Wednesday.

The goal was to besmirch the documentary before it was released – to set the narrative that it is “misinformation” and “incitement.”

But, in the end, what they accomplished was free publicity for Tucker Carlson. Like most things the media does, their hysteria and fearmongering more likely increased interest in watching the series.

It’s the Streisand Effect. By yelling and screaming and calling attention to Tucker’s three-part documentary, these nitwits only drew more attention to it.

Tucker Carlson is blessed with truly moronic opponents.