Jill Biden Makes Serious Blunder On Camera

(FiveNation.com)- Jill Biden, possibly America’s most underwhelming First Lady, made perhaps the most cringeworthy political mistake on Wednesday when she tried to pander to Hispanic Americans by speaking Spanish…and failing so, so badly.

The first lady celebrated the birthday of Cesar Chavez, a communist American labor leader who was once investigated by the FBI, at an event in Delano, California. Speaking in front of a crowd of about 100 people, Biden tried to say “Si, se puede,” which means “Yes, we can,” in English.

A video of the first lady trying to sound impassioned by shouting the Spanish phrase soon went viral, as she butchered the word “puede” and instead mumbled something like “pwodway!”

Take a look:

Media strategist Giancarlo Sopo also noted how, during Biden’s “hispandering,” she actually said “yes, we father!” and not “yes, we can!”

Are you cringing yet?

Former Trump campaign official Steve Cortes also compared it to an episode of Veep, the hit comedy show following a fictional vice president who kept getting everything wrong.

There’s time yet for Vice President Kamala Harris to do something just as awful as this next time she’s pandering for votes…

Cesar Chavez appears to be a theme within the Biden administration, with a bust of the controversial ultra-socialist being placed conveniently right behind the president in the Oval Office. And, just like President Barack Obama, Joe Biden removed the bust of Sir Winston Churchill, the British Prime Minister who led the fight in defeating the Nazis in World War II, from the Oval Office.

Be honest…had you ever heard of Cesar Chavez before Biden chose to use him to pander?