Jesse Watters Revels in ‘Delicious’ Kamala-Pete ‘Bloodbath’: ‘Gay White Male Intellectual Versus a Woman of Color’

( Jesse Watters is known for being funny on his show, but his recent analysis of the possibility of Vice President Kamala Harris fighting with Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2024 had people seriously cracking up…and Democrats whining on Twitter.

Watters, a co-host of “The Five” on Fox, described the possible showdown in the coming years as a battle between a “gay male intellectual” and a “woman of color.”

Which oppressed minority will win?

President Joe Biden’s representatives have told the media repeatedly that despite his advancing age, he plans to run again in 2024 – but most people don’t believe it and there are rumors spreading about a possible rivalry between Harris and Buttigieg. Watters reveled in the rumors, saying that it will be a “bloodbath” and that he’s “here for it.”

Watters and his co-host watched a clip of Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy asking the White House Press Secretary about the news of Symone Sanders, Kamala Harris’ top spokeswoman, leaving the White House. Psaki hit back at Doocy, claiming that the job is “grueling and hard” and that it’s perfectly normal for staffers to move on to new work after a few years.

A few years? It’s been less than one year.

Watters responded:

“As a midwit, I will give you my best analysis here, there are three dynamics at play,” he said.

He said that, first of all, the mainstream media is already “maneuvering the 2024 Democratic primary” and they’re doing it in President Joe Biden’s first year, effectively saying that he’s “toast.”

“And then we have people that can read the writing on the wall, Kamala is not the heir apparent, so they are trying to get out before the Kamala stench sinks in too deeply,” he continued.

Finally, he said that it’s going to be a bloodbath in a few years as Buttigieg and Harris battle it out.

“So this is going to be the most delicious, divisive drama you could ever imagine,” he added.

He’s right, isn’t he?