Jesse Watters Calls Rashida Tlaib A “Dangerous Idiot”

( Last week on Fox’s “The Five,” while discussing the violent attack on the Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, co-host Jesse Watters slammed Rashida Tlaib and other members of the Squad for supporting bail reform and “criminal justice reform,” calling Tlaib a “dangerous idiot.”

The Five hosts were discussing a recent interview Tlaib did with Axios’ Jonathan Swan in which Swan asked her about her support for The BREATHE Act which calls for all federal inmates to be released from prison in ten years.

Tlaib’s responses were idiotic and evasive. She argued that the bill doesn’t call for the release of all prisoners, and she grew frustrated that Swan kept pointing out that it did:

Yes. She is a dangerous idiot.

Co-host Dana Perino kicked off the segment by calling attention to the cognitive dissonance between the Squad advocating for “criminal justice reform” and bail reform and the real-world effects those very policies have on public safety. After playing a portion of Tlaib’s Axios interview, Perino pointed out that the interview aired on the same day Darrell Brooks, a man who was released from jail, deliberately drove his SUV into a crowd of people.

In response, Jesse Watters called Tlaib “an idiot,” adding she is someone with power “so that makes her a very dangerous idiot.”

Watch the full segment of The Five HERE.