Jesse Waters Says He Was “Violated” Personally After FBI Raid

( iOTWreport says that when Greg Gutfeld questioned Jesse Watters on the Five, he asked if he thought the FBI had achieved the opposite impact of what they wanted.

Watters claimed that the fan base has never been angrier.

“I’m Angry!” Watters exclaimed.

He said he felt violated. The whole nation feels violated. They’ve declared war on us, and now “it’s game on.”

Watters wanted you to imagine being Eric Trump and having Mar-a-Lago as your residence. Your mother passed away two weeks ago, and now the FBI is disrupting your privacy by running armed agents into your home.

“And all of this is over The Presidential Records Act??” he said incredulously.

He said it’s all out of control.

He argued that would be like having armed agents sent to your home by a librarian.

Watters noted that even if the warrant wasn’t tainted, “how can we trust it?” “They prepared a phony warrant the last time,” Watters stated.

Watters then enquired how we would determine whether or not they were planting evidence. He said that the judge that signed the warrant was untrustworthy.

He said the agents would enter and almost certainly go fishing. “God only knows what they’ll uncover, fabricate, or plant, but they’re also attempting to stifle the Trump base,” Watters said adroitly.

He said they want you to think twice about voting for this candidate. They make you aware that he may be charged shortly. They advise Republican corporate leaders and funders to refrain from supporting this individual. He is poison. You shouldn’t approach him.

According to Watter, it’s intimidation. Bullying.

He emphasized that Trump had been cooperating for about nine months. Before leaving the White House, he could have declassified everything entirely.

They dispatched 30 guys, including a safecracker. Why the heck are they even there?

They instructed the Trump attorneys to ignore what they were doing. “No recording!”

“If you look at what Hillary’s done, she acid-washed 30,000 emails, and Comey comes out and says, yeah, they had over a hundred sensitive materials in her hands in Chappaqua, and yes, they did breach the law, but no prosecutor would ever touch it,” Watters said.

“Sandy the thief enters the National Archives and stuffs a variety of top-secret papers down his trousers. They didn’t raid his house. Two CIA directors’ personal computers included sensitive data. Their residences weren’t searched. The CIA director took important papers outside; his residence was not raided.

This is false, and it will backfire severely. Everyone is aware of it.