Jen Psaki Thinks The GOP Is Recruiting… Radical Muslims?

According to Jen Psaki, the Republican Party employs the “age-old strategy” of dividing communities to win elections.

That “age-old” strategy is straight out of the Democrat playbook, yet, Psaki claims, it’s a GOP technique.

Psaki added that she’s been seeing it increasingly, adding that it worked when they divided the people along racial lines. She said the GOP was able to steal white Southern voters from the Democrats.  They accomplished it by making people in the United States hate each other.

The former White House press secretary under President Joe Biden said as much on her show “Inside with Jen Psaki” on Sunday, claiming that the Republican party is recruiting Muslims (who are less than 2% of the population) to go up against another marginalized group — transgenders,

Psaki said the so-called “strategy” was dishonest, citing the worries raised after the September 11th attacks as evidence.

According to Psaki, the Republican Party’s ten-year-old resistance to Sharia government was the party’s most critical litmus test. It seems like the litmus test is being utilized aggressively against transgender persons.

Many MSNBC viewers and Twitter users were disturbed by Psaki’s accusations; others, even those who often disagree with conservatives, tweeted that the former White House press secretary sounded “paranoid and out of touch.”

An online commenter brought up that 3.45 million Muslims call the United States home and that Islam is widely regarded as the world’s fastest-growing religion, with some predicting that it will overtake Christianity in numbers by 2050. It is also not a secret that some Muslims oppose the transgender lifestyle because of what they have read in the Quran. To blame an entire political party for the fact that some Muslims believe transgenderism should be outlawed is pretty arrogant of Psaki.

She also cites that these are currently minuscule numbers, which are insufficient to swing an election.