Jen Psaki Idiotically Claims GOP Is One Trying To Defund Police

( Apparently the Democrats have finally realized that their radical agenda is wildly unpopular with Americans who do not work in the corporate news media. In addition to American Federation of Teachers Union President Randi Weingarten now making the unbelievable claim that teachers unions tried to open schools last spring, Democrats are trying to get away with the claim that it is Republicans, not Democrats, who want to defund the police.

On Monday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki regurgitated this outlandish claim during her press briefing.

Fox News White House reporter Peter Doocy brought up White House advisor Cedric Richmond’s claim that Republicans, by not voting for Biden’s “America Rescue Plan” voted to defund the police because some of the money that went to local governments could have been used to fund first responders.

This is specious to say the least.

While a tiny bit of the massive spending bill may have gone to law enforcement, the vast majority of the spending was needless and had nothing to do with COVID relief. But this is why Democrats slip in tiny bits of spending Republicans ordinarily favor. That way, when Republicans vote “no” because of all the garbage, Democrats can point to the tiny bit of spending and accuse Republicans of not supporting police or seniors or children or “working men and women.” They do this all the time.

Psaki, however, played right along with the specious talking points.

Then on Wednesday, Peter Doocy tried to pin Psaki down once again.

Doocy asked Psaki which Republican specifically said his “no” vote was because he didn’t want to fund the police.

Psaki, naturally, veered to ridiculous talking points – claiming President Biden ran and won the most votes in history by campaigning on boosting funding for law enforcement. Then she diverted by again claiming that Republicans in Congress voted against adding federal funding to local police.

Doocy didn’t give up. He named specific Democrat House members who are on record saying Defund the Police. Psaki claimed actions speak louder than words.

But Doocy refused to back down. He pointed out that objections to the omnibus spending bill disguised as “COVID relief” had to do with the massive spending for Democrat pet projects, and that was the primary reason Republicans voted no.

Psaki is well aware that her answers are obfuscations and lies.

But the radical Democrat agenda loudly trumpeted by its most vocal proponents is damaging the Democrat Party’s chances in the upcoming Midterms. And the last thing the Biden White House wants is a Republican-controlled Congress.

So no lie is too outrageous — no obfuscation too much a stretch.

Fortunately for Psaki and the Democrats, the American corporate media will be there to lend them a hand.