Jeffrey Toobin Comments On Abortion Lead To Secret Payments To Mistress To Come To Light

( Jeffrey Toobin, a CNN legal analyst, best known for getting fired from The New Yorker for masturbating on a Zoom call with coworkers, said Monday that he was worried that an upcoming Supreme Court decision could make it harder for him to pay a mistress to have an abortion.
He said that this means that [women with uteruses] no longer have a constitutional right that they have had in this country for almost three generations or 50 years. It’s gone now, and it’s up to the politicians to decide what to do.
Toobin said this after Politico published a draft opinion that had been leaked and seemed to show that the Supreme Court had voted to overturn Roe v. Wade, the landmark decision on abortion rights.
“If this stands, it will shake the Constitution to its core,” said the masturbator.
Toobin has said that state laws that ban abortions after six weeks are unfair to married men who want to force their much younger mistresses to end the pregnancy. Years ago, the CNN legal analyst was in a similar situation because he had an extramarital affair with Casey Greenfield, the twenty-something daughter of Jeff Greenfield. The latter was Toobin’s colleague at the time.
After getting his mistress pregnant in 2008, Toobin questioned the paternity, refused to take a test, and vowed to take no responsibility for a baby he wasn’t sure was his. According to the New York Times, this was true. A source told the New York Daily News that he offered Greenfield cash if she got an abortion. Another source said when Casey wouldn’t get an abortion, Jeff told her she would regret it and that she shouldn’t expect any help from him.
Greenfield sent Toobin an email after his son was born, but he didn’t answer. She had to go to court to get child support in the end. Toobin finally gave in when he was threatened with legal action.
In 2010, a knowledgeable source told the Daily News that Toobin said he would leave his wife for her. But by that time, Casey had started to doubt him. She thought he had more than one mistress.
FACT CHECK: Even if the leaked Supreme Court ruling is upheld, it will not affect current state abortion regulations, according to the court. Legislators in Toobin’s native state of New York, for example, approved the Reproductive Health Act in 2019, which specifically authorized abortion up to 24 weeks of pregnancy and implicitly permitted the operation beyond that term in all cases. In the meantime, Toobin would still be able to knock up the daughters of his coworkers and coerce them into getting abortions.