JD Vance Issues Important Statement About Donald Trump

(FiveNation.com)- Following the severe election setbacks for the Republican Party, J.D. Vance is emphasizing that the president still has his complete support.

In an opinion piece for The American Conservative, the incoming senator from Ohio stated that Democrats are “swamped with cash,” which was the reason for some of his backed candidates’ poor performance, not anything Trump did wrong.

ActBlue is to blame. ActBlue is the Democrats’ primary national fundraising tool, where 21 million individual donors pour tiny sums of money into each primary national contest.

Vance said that ActBlue is why his opponent spent the entire summer campaigning on how much he “agreed with Trump.” It also allowed John Fetterman to raise $75 million for his campaign.

He added that incumbents might allocate relatively modest contributions to their actual campaigns. He acknowledged that Democrats receive more modest donations than Republicans do.

Republican efforts to raise modest amounts of money are pitiful in comparison, and they may incur exorbitant consultant and “list building” expenses, where Republicans spend a lot of money to get small-dollar donations.

Because so much of the small-dollar fundraising that challengers elicit, much of it goes back to more fundraising and list-building expenses. Incumbents have a significant advantage against challengers.

Vance asserted that the Republican Party requires Trump more than ever.

“Contrary to popular belief, President Donald Trump is our party’s most important asset in attracting these voters,” said Vance. “Our party suffers for President Trump’s absence from the stage because we need his leadership now more than ever to turn these voters out.”

He mentioned that Trump is excellent at raising small amounts of money and might help “Trump-aligned candidates.” He continued, saying that Republicans should be more concerned with how to “turn out less involved Republicans” and bridging the “national money gap” rather than blaming the former president for election defeats.

It’s time for party leaders to acknowledge that we have these issues and try to address them, he added, rather than blaming everyone else for them.