Jared Kushner Goes After Ron DeSantis For Busing Migrants To Blue States

(FiveNation.com)- In a stroke of genius, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis got the American corporate media to pay attention to the flood of illegal aliens pouring across our southern border by flying 50 illegals to the wealthy, exclusive enclave of Martha’s Vineyard. And former Trump advisor Jared Kushner’s response to this masterful move was to clutch his pearls and call it “very troubling.”

No wonder Trump was unable to follow through on building the wall.

Kushner, who was a key advisor to former President Trump, appeared on Fox News the week after DeSantis’ Martha’s Vineyard flights where he kvetched that illegal aliens are human beings and seeing them “used as political pawns” is “very troubling to me.”

Over two million people crossed into the United States in FY2023. For over a year, the Biden administration has been flying them into the interior and Kushner never expressed any squeamishness about it.

But Ron DeSantis sends 50 illegals to Martha’s Vineyard, and suddenly that’s a bridge too far.

Sure, Kushner conceded that there is a “very sad situation” at the border and illegals are “paying a lot of money” to human traffickers to get into the US. But rather than acknowledge that DeSantis exposed the hypocrisy of the open-borders Democrats in deep blue regions, the best he can say is it was “very troubling.

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