Jane Fonda Criticizes Trump, Refers to Him as ‘Orange Man’

The upcoming 2024 presidential election gets ever closer with each passing day. Currently, the political climate in the United States is one of great volatility, tension , turbulence and division. The country is polarized and it is truly a worrying thing for many people to ponder that the election may be closely contested and disputed which could lead to increased civil unrest. Most polls show a dead heat between the 46th incumbent President Joe Biden and the former 45th President Donald Trump. Trump and Biden are both equally disliked, though, and nearly one out of every four Americans has asserted that they would rather choose someone else other than either candidate. 

Trump recently became the first president to be indicted after leaving office and is currently a convicted felon. He continues to face major legal problems as the election draws closer. Now, with less than five calendar months separating America and the general electorate from election day, many wonder if Trump has a path to victory. It is clear that this election will likely be a contest of who is disliked the least, not who is liked the most. The affair will likely come down to several crucial swing states like Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Trump and Biden are locked, battling tightly in recent polls in these places, just like the national averages predicting the contest. 

Trump continues to be despised by many leading celebrity figures across American pop culture. Jane Fonda recently went on a tirade, bashing Trump. Fonda referred to Trump as the orange man. On CNN, Fonda claimed that should Trump somehow emerge victorious in the upcoming election, that Americans will not have a “livable future”. It must be noted that Fonda is worth significant amounts of money, and is likely part of the affluent, elite group of Americans who do not feel the pangs of fiscal uncertainty as inflation crushes the nation’s working class.