Ivanka Trump And Jared Kushner Move Away From Trump

(FiveNation.com)- Because they simply cannot live without him, CNN reported this past week that “12 former Trump White House officials, former administration officials, family friends, acquaintances and members of Trump’s team” spoke to their reporters about a growing rift between Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner.

According to these twelve unnamed sources, Ivanka and Jared have begun distancing themselves from Ivanka’s dad, in large part over Trump’s “constant harping on the past and his inability to move on.”

This from the cable news outlet that is constantly harping on the past and is entirely unable to move on from Trump.

These anonymous sources claim that Trump has also started to question Kushner’s role in his administration and in how Kushner’s involvement will play in his presidential legacy.

CNN’s article claims Ivanka is struggling to “walk a fine line” between her relationship with her dad and “distancing herself from his election lies.”

The “proof” CNN provides that Jared and Ivanka are maintaining safe distance from Trump is that Jared, who was central to the Trump administration’s policy operations, has not been visiting Mar-a-Lago as frequently.

But why would a Trump administration policy guy need to be constantly around Trump now that Trump is no longer President and there is no administration to make policy for?

But CNN believes Kushner’s visits becoming “increasingly rare” is because Kushner backed away when “it became clear that his father-in-law remained preoccupied with the 2020 election.”

Oddly, in the same article CNN notes that another source reported that Kushner remains in regular phone contact with President Trump.

Doesn’t sound particularly “distancy” does it?

Most of CNN’s “according to sources close to Trump” stories are wildly inaccurate or flat-out untrue. This article, like many since the 2020 election, is just CNN finding one more way to attack Donald Trump for questioning the outcome of the election while calling him a liar.

Just as CNN did throughout Trump’s presidency, this article is filled with speculation, innuendo and claims made by a cardre of unnamed sources who never seem to want to go on the record.

By the end of the article, the reporters appear to completely debunk their own “scoop.” Again, not entirely surprising in a CNN article. Often the splashy headline turns out to be the stuff of anti-Trump fan-fiction that the body of the article doesn’t even support.

Take this article with an enormous grain of salt.