Israel’s Prime Minister Issues Warning To Iran

( Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is getting tough on Iran as U.S. President Joe Biden capitulates.

Netanyahu said he would “stand against the entire world” to stop the Iran nuclear deal that President Biden is insistent on re-instating, despite Iran repeatedly breaking the conditions of the deal and enriching uranium to dangerously high levels.

Former President Donald Trump famously withdrew from the failed Obama-era deal in 2018 after Iran failed to scale back its missile program. President Biden, however, recently indicated that he would re-join the deal if Iran would come back to the negotiating table.

Axios reported how Netanyahu “indirectly criticized the Biden administration for its intention to return to the Iran nuclear deal.”

The comments came during a campaign speech ahead of the March 23 Israeli elections, in which he described how the “international reality has changed.”

“There is an intention to go back to this dangerous deal. I am the only one who will stand against the entire world,” he told a crowd.

Netanyahu also stated that Iran was developing nuclear weapons to destroy the Jewish state of Israel, and asked, “Who will defend you from annihilation? I will not hesitate to do anything against whatever threatens our country.”

It’s not the first time that Netanyahu has been at loggerheads with the new Biden administration, either. In February, Israel security officials and Netanyahu agreed with the White House not to publicly disagree over the matter but to instead focus on “strategic consultations” with the White House as Biden tries to negotiate with the terrorism-supporting nation.

But Netanyahu’s latest comments fly in the face of that agreement with the United States government, displaying a Trump-like strongman characteristic that could help his party in the upcoming national elections.

Iran declined an offer to enter mediation talks with European Union nations in late February, insisting that the United States must roll back Trump-era sanctions before they come back to the negotiating table…and Biden has yet to rule it out.